Sharing from HKPFS Awardees

There is no better way than directly hearing from our awardees about their experience in studying in HKUST and Hong Kong.

Ying Khai TEH
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Ying Khai TEH
I was privileged to be awarded the HKPFS. Indeed the generous scholarship allowed me to further my study without financial worries.

Hong Kong, being a Chinese city which runs a Westernized system, is an excellent portal for foreigners like me to learn about and connect with China. It also has many quality universities, rivaling other major education hubs such as Boston and London.

And the research environment at HKUST is excellent. Research students can learn not only from experienced professors but also from highly motivated and passionate fellow students. Thanks to the extensive collaboration networks of HKUST professors, top-notch researchers around the world often choose HKUST as one of their stops when they visit this region. And I have been greatly benefited from their experience sharing and guest lectures.
HKPFS Awardees
Mohammad Mehedi HASAN
PhD Student in Environmental Engineering, from Bangladesh
Ying Khai TEH
PhD Graduate (2015) in Electronic and Computer Engineering, from Malaysia
Lingwei WU
PhD Student in Social Science, from China
Ankit GARG
PhD Graduate (2015) in Civil Engineering, from India
PhD Student in Computer Science and Engineering, from Thailand
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