Sharing from HKPFS Awardees

There is no better way than directly hearing from our awardees about their experience in studying in HKUST and Hong Kong.

Program of Study
Coming From
I am grateful for the opportunity of being part of the prestigious award program and the opportunities it presents.

The HKPFS is for eligible students “irrespective of their country of origin, prior work experience and ethnic background”. These were the words that convinced me to pursue my PhD studies in Hong Kong. The HKPFS provides me with the opportunity to broaden my horizons both culturally and academically, and to make a difference both in Hong Kong and in South Africa.

The beautiful setting of HKUST makes the campus a perfect place for creative thinking. The world-class and well-equipped facilities at HKUST make conducting high quality research pleasurable. The faculty I have come across at HKUST have all struck me with their knowledge and passion. At HKUST, you are pushed beyond your limits of critical thinking and there is the sense of success and joy knowing that you are part of a world-leading institution.
HKPFS Awardees
PhD Graduate (2015) in Computer Science and Engineering, from The Czech Republic
PhD Student in Civil Engineering, from South Africa
Jenny Yanjiao CHEN
PhD Graduate (2015) in Computer Science and Engineering, from China
Alexander William NICOL
PhD Student in Bioengineering, from United States
Haian HE
PhD Graduate (2014) in Mathematics, from China
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