Why Study at HKUST?
Postgraduate Programs
Application for Admissions
After Getting an Offer
Accepting an Offer
Qualification Substantiation
Student Visa Application
Short-term Study
Pre-arrival and Registration
Continuing Education
Accepting an Offer
Log in to the Online Admissions System (applicants for MBA programs please click here instead) from time to time to check the status of your application and watch out for e-mail notifications sent from the University. Upon receipt of an offer, your next step are as follows:
Step 1.
Offer Acceptance Online
Carefully read the information, including the reply and document submission deadlines, in the offer letter and its attachment(s) before accepting your admission offer.
Step 2.
Deposit Payment
Follow the instructions to pay the deposit.

Tip: Offers are only considered accepted when both online acceptance and deposit payment are completed.
Step 3.
Student Visa Application for Non-local Students
Non-local students are required to apply for a student visa/ entry permit. Initiate the student visa/ entry permit application process as soon as possible after accepting an offer (firm or conditional).

Click here for details on how to apply for a student visa/ entry permit.

Tip: Visa extension is not applicable for current HKUST final year students seeking admission to a new study program at HKUST.
Step 4.
Qualification Substantiation
Before registering as a student, you will need to confirm your admission offer by submitting official documents to substantiate your qualifications by the deadline stipulated in your offer letter. For more information on document requirements, please click here.
Step 5.
Program Registration
Students are expected to register at HKUST in mid-August for Fall entry or mid-January for Spring entry.

Students may be required to present original documents before registration.