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Short-term Study
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A group of postgraduate students are talking and sharing their research with each others
Short-term Study/ Visiting Students
HKUST offers the following opportunities for students to study here for a short period of time:

1. PG Visiting Internship Students (research only)
Students from institutions outside Hong Kong can apply to take a research project course under the supervision of a faculty for 1-6 months as PG Visiting Internship students. Learn more

2. Visiting PG Students (coursework only)
Alternatively, students from institutions outside Hong Kong wishing to take taught postgraduate courses at HKUST for one semester may seek enrollment as Visiting PG students. Learn more
A research postgraduate student is doing the experiment in the laboratory
Two research postgraduate students are having the discussions in the library
The research postgraduate students are enjoying their drinks in the conference lodge
3. PG Exchange Students
If your home University and HKUST have established exchange partnership, you may come and join HKUST as an exchange student. Learn more

4. Associate PG Students
HKUST alumni and working professionals with lifelong learning in mind may wish to seek enrollment as Associate Postgraduate (PG) students to take self-financial taught postgraduate courses. Learn more