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RPg Professional Development Course
Professional Development Course for Research Postgraduate Students admitted in 2017/18
In today’s competitive employment environment for research postgraduates (RPgs), academic knowledge is only one part of the equation. For success, a full package comprising sound general knowledge, research & professional skills and an innovative mindset, along with self-management ability, is required. To build such all-round capabilities, the University has introduced a Professional Development Course (PDC) to equip our MPhil and PhD students with a comprehensive set of essential transferable skills to enhance their personal growth and career development.

All RPgs (both full-time and part-time) are required to take a PDC as part of their program requirements. The PDC is composed of a series of different workshops and modules that must be attended over the course before completion of RPg studies. Professional development training covers the following themes:
Professional Conduct
Communication Skills
Research Competency
Career Development
Course Requirement
  1. 3 hours of training on Professional Conduct; and
  2. 12 hours of elective activities/workshops at the University level under the five designated themes: Communication Skills, Research Competency, Entrepreneurship, Self-Management, and Career Development.

Students admitted in previous years should refer to the Postgraduate Program Catalog for the specific program curriculum and course requirements set out in the PDC system for their own intake cohort. Enquiries can be directed to the relevant department or program office.

PDC System
The PDC system allows students to enquire as to what activities will be offered, and when and for which activities they have already registered. It also maintains a list of the activities that students have already completed. Details can be found here.