Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Student Conduct

The University expects good conduct from students. Complaints against a student for misconduct should be referred to the Dean of Students. Where the Dean of Students is satisfied that there has been misconduct, the Dean may impose sanctions. In serious cases, or where the Dean of Students determines that the University’s interests will be best served, the Dean may refer the case to the Student Disciplinary Committee.

The student may submit an appeal against the decision of the Dean of Students or the Student Disciplinary Committee to the Executive Vice-President & Provost or the President respectively.

Academic Integrity

The University’s approach to cases of academic misconduct is fundamentally educational. The process for dealing with these cases is designed to enable students to better understand the nature of academic misconduct and the high standards of academic integrity that are expected. The sanctions available in confirmed cases of misconduct are intended to signal the importance that the University places on maintaining these high standards and to communicate this to students.

Please refer to the Regulations for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity of the University for details.

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