HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School

The HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School (FYTGS) reports to the Provost, and is dedicated to

  • supporting HKUST’s mission to advance learning and knowledge through teaching and research, particularly
    • in science, technology, engineering, management and business studies;
    • at the postgraduate level
  • providing an enabling structure to support within which a diverse group of postgraduate students, faculty and staff find the partnership, resources, support and systems to thrive intellectually and professionally and achieve academic excellence.

Led by Professor Charles W. W. NG, Dean of FYTGS, CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability and Chair Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Ms Alison CHU, Associate Dean of FYTGS, the office performs two main functions: Postgraduate Secretariat (PG Sec), and Postgraduate Outreach and Admissions (PGOA).

Postgraduate Secretariat (PG Sec)

Postgraduate Secretariat oversees and coordinates matters related to research postgraduate studies (MPhil and PhD) and taught postgraduate studies (DBA, EMBA, MA, MBA, MPM, MPP, MSc and PGD), including but not limited to formulation of academic requirements, policies and regulations; oversight of quality assurance and compliance matters; facilitation of curricular development; coordination of professional development matters; and assurance of study progress and overall wellness of postgraduate students. It also hosts the Office of Continuing and Professional Education, which co-ordinates and oversees the provision of self-financing continuing and professional education programs by Schools and units, and serves as the University’s link with Government and external bodies concerning continuing education matters. Colleagues whose primary responsibilities are in PG Sec are:

  • Ms Nicole LEE, Head (Postgraduate Secretariat)
  • Ms Clara MUI, Manager
  • Ms Cindy YUNG, Manager
  • Ms Amy CHAN, Assistant Manager
  • Ms Mandy LEUNG, Assistant Manager
  • Ms Chloe LAM, Officer (Postgraduate Program Administration)
  • Ms Agnes KWOK, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Program Administration)
  • Ms Cyndi MOK, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Program Administration)

Postgraduate Outreach and Admissions (PGOA)

Postgraduate Outreach and Admissions plans and engages in outreaching to prospective postgraduate students, facilitates applicants and academic units in postgraduate admissions matters, and ensures compliance in admissions requirements and processes. Colleagues whose primary responsibilities are in PGOA are:

  • Ms Betty LAW, Head (Postgraduate Outreach and Admissions)
  • Ms Michelle LI, Manager
  • Ms Stephanie WONG, Manager
  • Ms Tammy LAW, Assistant Manager
  • Ms Becky MOK, Assistant Manager
  • Ms Candy CHUNG, Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Cindy TO, Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Freda YAU, Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Ada LEUNG, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Ada MAK, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Angeline NG, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Charlotte WONG, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
  • Ms Yung YEUNG, Assistant Officer (Postgraduate Outreach & Admissions)
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