Society Hub

The vision of the Society Hub is to become “A leading force in the knowledge economy in a digital age”. Our mission is to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with cutting-edge analytical skills and an open and growing mindset, ready at resolving socio-economic issues and contributing to the knowledge economy in a network society and a rapidly changing world.

While the scope of interdisciplinary research will need to serve the national development strategy and respond to market demand, the Society Hub focuses in the near term on the following four thrust areas: Urban Governance and Design; Innovation, Policy, and Entrepreneurship; Financial Technology; and MBA plus/EMBA plus, namely, interdisciplinary MBA programs such as MBA plus Finance, MBA plus entrepreneurship, MBA plus Aviation Financial Management, MBA plus Family Business and Wealth Management, MBA plus Law etc.

The programs offered under the four thrust areas are as follows. We welcome students with strong analytical mind from a diverse set of backgrounds such as Economics/Business, Social Sciences, as well as Science and Engineering. No prior training in Economics is required. We will strive to provide an environment to facilitate collaboration among students and between students and faculty members across disciplines and across the Hubs.


Thrust Area