COVID-19 Information for Prospective Students

The University and the world are now facing unprecedented challenges under the COVID-19. We are keenly aware of the challenging situations faced by our prospective postgraduate students. In this regard, the University is making the following arrangements to better facilitate and support our applicants and offer-holders:

1. Planning for Mandatory Quarantine

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the Hong Kong Government requires all inbound visitors to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine when entering Hong Kong. Please plan for arriving earlier to fulfill the quarantine requirement. The University will offer the following supports for students to prepare for the program commencement:

For new MPhil/PhD students:

  • The University will prioritize quarantine support to new MPhil/PhD students who need to fulfill quarantine requirements and are assigned a hall place in 2020-21 residential year.
  • The University has arranged to use our own managed facilities; i.e., Conference Lodge, Tower C, designated student halls as well as off-campus hotel rooms for quarantine and post-quarantine purposes.
  • The quarantine will be arranged in 2-weekly batches with the first batch starting on 26-28 June and the second batch starting on 13-15 July.
  • As soon as the admissions are confirmed and visa granted, the University will inform eligible students about the quarantine arrangement in the University-managed facilities either on or off campus by email.
  • In case the student’s schedule does not fit in any of the recommended batches, he/she can send an enquiry to The University will try to arrange his/her quarantine in other batches, subject to availability.
  • While the University will subsidize a large part of the cost, students accepting quarantine support will need to pay a lump sum of HKD2,500, at the time of booking. Meals will be charged at cost separately.
  • After completion of the quarantine, students who are assigned a hall place in 2020-21 residential year can check-in to their designated hall or a transitional hall as necessary and will be required to pay for the accommodation.

For new taught postgraduate students:

  • For students without on-campus hall places, while the University, due to capacity limitations, can’t make quarantine arrangements for everyone individually, a list of hotels in Hong Kong offering quarantine packages will be uploaded on this website soon. In addition, students can contact their academic department or program office who may help connect them with student networks to identify quarantine venues or longer-term apartments. If the University has any surplus places available in one of its quarantine batches, this surplus will be announced and offered to students in this group on a first come first served basis.

For any latest university updates, please visit

2. Submission of Official Documents for Offer Confirmation

Students will only be allowed to proceed to register as our students after all the required official documents for offer confirmation are verified.  Disbursement of studentship for new MPhil/PhD students will be made only after official registration. 

This applies to all new students, regardless of whether he/she is holding a firm offer or a conditional offer. The documents should include documentary proof for meeting condition(s) for admission as stated in the offer letter.

In the case that a person holding an offer fails to fulfill the admission conditions and/or submit the official documents to meet the University’s verification requirements, we regret that

  • the person will not be allowed to register as a student in the program stated in the offer letter;
  • the person will no longer be eligible for the housing arranged by the university;
  • his/her student visa will be void and the University will inform the HKSAR Immigration Department accordingly. He/She must leave Hong Kong regardless of the timing of arriving Hong Kong. Otherwise, he/she is legally liable.


3. Adjusted Program Commencement Date for Fall 2020/21

The University has now adjusted the program commencement date to 7 September 2020 (Monday), for Fall 2020/21 admission. Meanwhile, the University has decided all classes using online mode for the first two weeks (7-20 September 2020), in order to provide more buffer time for students who may not be able to attend classes physically due to various reasons, including quarantine, delay in visa, and travel arrangements. All classes are expected to resume their normal teaching arrangement starting from week 3 (i.e. 21 September 2020).

4. Alternative Test Options for Fulfillment of English Language Requirement

For applicants who are not able to take the TOEFL or IELTS due to the test suspensions, the University is now accepting the following test results as alternatives in meeting the University English Language admission requirements for PG 2020/21 Fall admission:

Some programs may stipulate additional English Language requirements for admissions. For more information, please click here.

5. Suspension of PG Exchange, PG Visiting Internship and Visiting PG Programs

To ensure student health and safety, the University has decided to suspend the PG Exchange, PG Visiting Internship and Visiting PG Programs until further notice.


Please stay well and healthy during these difficult time. If you have any enquiries related to the above, feel free to contact us.

Last update: 29 June 2020