Continuing Education

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer may be granted to students in recognition of previous studies completed elsewhere at an appropriate level as recognized by the University. Students applying for credit transfer must provide evidence, such as a transcript and course syllabus, to illustrate that a course is equivalent in content and level to another course taken elsewhere, for which a satisfactory grade has been obtained. 
Applications must be made to students' major department during their first term after admission. Students on postgraduate diploma and postgraduate certificate programs must submit their application to the major department within the first month after admission. For students who complete studies elsewhere during their registration at HKUST, for example on an exchange program, applications must be submitted to the department for approval within one month after students’ return to their study at HKUST. Late applications will not be considered. 
Applications must first be reviewed by the course instructor; if supported, approval from the department head/ PG Coordinator is required. The number of transfer credits to be granted will be determined by the major department following a review of past academic records and the level of equivalence to HKUST courses concerned. Conditions on the granting of transfer credits are as follows: 

For all postgraduate programs

  1. Credits earned at the undergraduate level can only be used for credit transfer purpose if the credits had not been used to earn another academic qualification, and that the course must be at 4000-level or above;
  2. Transfer credits cannot be granted in recognition of non-coursework experience or research work completed either at the University or at other institutions; and
  3. Credits for transfer must be at grade ‘B’ or above.

For taught postgraduate programs only

  1. No more than half of the required coursework may be granted transfer credits.
  2. Credits previously used to satisfy the requirements of other academic qualifications may not be transferred.
  3. Subject to the approval of the major department, credits earned from a postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma of the University may be transferred to its articulated postgraduate diploma or master’s degree program.

Transfer credits granted will not be included in the calculation of grade point averages, but the courses approved for credit transfer will be reflected on students’ transcripts.

Some programs may have a more restrictive credit transfer policy than University regulation. Please refer to the program websites for details.

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