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Tips for Submitting the HK PhD Fellowship Application

Writing Proposed Research Plan

  1. Describe your proposed research plan with following information in Q3 of Section 1.11 (Proposed Research Plan and Past Research Experience) of the HKUST Online Admission System:
  • Detailed project aims and objectives
  • Research methodology or approach
  • Your experience, participation in research projects or preliminary results that support the feasibility of the work (if applicable)
  • Significance, originality and/or anticipated impact of your work


  1. It is important that the contents in the research plan are original.
  2. When you quote words or ideas from other authors to strengthen the points that you are making in your own writing, you must make proper references or citations to the original sources.
  3. Visit “A Guide to Good Referencing Skills” by HKUST Library for more information.
  4. Explore more about HKUST research areas to prepare for your research proposal.
  5. Submit the additional research proposal in specific format: for applicants of PhD programs in HumanitiesSocial Science or Individualized Interdisciplinary Program (Research Area).


Providing Additional Information for Application

  1. In addition to the academic excellence, HKPFS applicants are also required to provide detailed information and evidence in the following aspects in Section 1.11 (Q1 to Q4 of the Vision Statement) and 1.12 (Additional Information) of the HKUST Online Application System for RGC’s consideration. 
  • Research ability and potential
  • Cultural diversity
  • Leadership ability and societal responsibility
  • Communication and interpersonal skill 
  • Achievement in both academic or non-academic aspects 


Submitting Reference Reports

  1. Invite your referees to submit the reference reports for your application online on or before 8 December 2021 (11:59pm, GMT+8)
  2. Share with your referees that your PhD Fellowship applications will be considered based on the following criteria.  Specific and substantive comments on these aspects, especially on academic excellence and research ability, would be useful: 
  • Academic excellence
  • Research ability and potential
  • University’s support
  • Cultural diversity 
  • Leadership ability and societal responsibility 
  • Communication and interpersonal skill 
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